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Why work with us ?  Why choose Evolution 4 Business ?

Good question……. Aside from the wealth of experience and knowledge we bring to the table, we’d like to give this page over to our clients for their opinions and thoughts !

“WOW…… How my business has grown since having Angie Beeston on-board!! Originally I was introduced to Evolution 4 Business through the Government-backed Growth Accelerator programme and kept Angie Beeston on as my business development director when the programme finished.

She has given me so much confidence, identified areas which could be improved, implemented changes and grown the business with me.  Angie Beeston can only be described as a doctor of business and is very easy/fun to work with”

Adam Poulton – Managing Director – AV8 Chauffeur Cars - January 2015

Evolution 4 Business ran an excellent, interactive session with the management team – helping us to build on a number of previous internal development activities undertaken by the team.  Everyone had completed their motivational map questionnaire in advance and there was lots of anticipation about the results!  Prior to the big reveal, we had plenty of opportunity to informally talk about how we anticipated everyone in the team would come out and this generated some fascinating conversation, good-humoured banter and some serious self analysis.  That team spirit was carried into some time looking at the actual results – providing opportunity for us to identify the cross team synergies and potential areas of conflict.  It was hugely powerful to see the collective team ‘profile’ and to have a debate around current personal motivational levels against our motivational drivers. Time looking at our reaction to change was also invaluable – change being the only constant in our work lives these days! Collectively (and as individuals) we have all been able to take away some thoughts for development actions and for me, as the line manager, there are some nuggets to use proactively in future 1:1’s to help further drive improvement and performance. Informative and fun, this isn’t a total solution to team dynamics but does provide another invaluable piece to the jigsaw puzzle.”

Peter Martin, Head of Operations – Membership Services - April 2012

 “Today’s team meeting was interesting and Angie’s presentation fun.  The exercise made you focus on your team-mates positives rather than their negatives which was really useful. Sometimes it’s difficult to overlook what you perceive as faults in others.”

“The process also made you aware of how you are seen by others and what your colleagues perceive as your personal attributes.”

“I find Angie as a facilitator/trainer very good, she has the ability to motivate and empower the audience to work through the process efficiently and effectively.”

“I look forward to completing the questionnaire and receiving the results as I enjoy these exercises, I feel this is a very useful tool for the company as it looks at the individual and team from the ground up, I have had experience of different models in the past as I believe them to work, but only if follow up and continued communication is delivered.”

“I found the games/exercises very good as they enabled us to review ourselves and how others within the team see us, this is always useful and can be very motivational, and personally I got a lot out of the session.”

“With all organisation/individual behavioural tools, it is important to set expectations and ensure the individual is signed on to the process, Angie did this very well, I hope that the Company roll this out as I feel it will benefit both Serco and the employee.”

 April 2011

“Interactive and good for the session to be run in a group format.  I’ll take away from today thoughts about others individual motivations not just my own.  It was interesting, interactive and thought-provoking”.

“Self awareness is the biggest thing I will take away from today’s session – it was very interesting, relevant and essential and as it felt ‘open’, we could all contribute to the                                                  workshop”.

“I now understand more on how to talk to people, how to be more confident and what people think of me from the engagement activities we did.  It was very interesting, insightful and helpful for me.  We will be running a second session in the next 6 months to measure how things have changed and improved. “

“After the course I felt motivate and it was very helpful and informative”.

“The workshop was useful for any role and allowed reflection and more awareness of your own behaviour.  It has given me thoughts on how to communicate more effectively and saying thank you to staff more.  It was very relevant and Angie was very knowledgeable.”


Angela has been a revelation in identifying key areas that can significantly improve a business. An extremely positive and friendly person, she can pinpoint a weakness and offer realistic aims to turn it into a strength. She has great business acumen and is a pleasure to work with."

IT Client – January 2013

“Thank you so much also for your time yesterday – wow!  we covered a lot of ground and your summary is bang on!  It is actually very good for someone else to write these focus notes - they are a really good reference point for me and thank you.”

Quinyx - International Workforce Systems – January 2013

incorporating Setley Ridge Vineyard -  January 2011

“ I first had the pleasure in meeting Angie, through a phone call from a recommendation last year. Although sceptical of what would be achieved from this meeting, we agreed on this meeting, and I cannot say how pleased I was to have taken up the offer.   Her business advice on how to move our business forward, and fresh ideas on changes we could make were invaluable, and only wish that we had met her years ago.

Angie is infectious in her enthusiasm to help people with their business – at our meeting, one of the things she suggested was that we do more networking, something that I was more than a little reticent to do, and suggested many different ways in which we could review our business practices.  She showed and continues to show a genuine interest in our businesses, far beyond what I would expect from a business coach.  I have recommended three people so far to contact her for advice, feeling sure that they would benefit from her experience in their different fields.   Angie encouraged me to attend a local informal networking group, and even agreed to meet me outside in order that I did not have to walk into a room full of strangers on my own.  Without this support I would never have gone to such a meeting, nor had the encouragement to stand up in a room full of people and “sell my wares”.

I can safely say that the majority of people at the networking meeting have had business advice from Angie, and everybody glowingly recommends Angie when they talk about their business progress, and the way that Angie has helped them”.  


Whilst attending the networking clubs in the area, I am very aware that Angie receives many glowing testimonies via feedback given directly from members within the group.  For example, comments made recently from several shared clients included words such as motivational, inspiring, realistic, empathetic, encouraging, caring, enthusiastic, natural flair, understanding and listening to what clients need through to the ultimate accolade from a business consultant of “one of the best advisers they have ever worked with in 30 years”.

From this feedback, it is pretty clear that Angie’s reputation goes before her. As mentioned previously, although not a direct client, knowing Angie and her approach to clients and her business ethics, I am very happy and regularly do recommend my clients speak to her about their business for advice and support.  She is a huge advocate of the benefits of networking for businesses and actively encourages her clients to attend meetings.  For those who are first time networkers, she has been known to meet them outside the venue and walk them into the meeting, allowing her to introduce them to people and thus breaking the ice, giving these newcomers more confidence and making them feel more comfortable.    Apart from her high level of self motivation, she actively seeks to help motivate and encourage others.

From all these points, I am very happy to recommend Angie to speak to any business owner or management teams about their business.

 July 2011

Working with Angie to identify both internal & external factors affecting the growth of our business has been very productive.  As well as gaining an independent view on our management style, processes & customer service, Angie has given me the confidence to up my game & know that I can achieve even more.

Kevin Abraham

Sales & Financial Director

Capcom Communications Ltd

February 2015