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Tel No:  +44 (0)7827 952524                     Email:

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How Do We Work ?

We believe in building long term trusted relationships with our clients so before we start working together, we’ll meet with you over coffee (or tea!) to discuss what you need and what you might be looking for.

Once we have worked out that we are a good fit, we’ll create a tailored proposal for you and your business, relevant to your needs and the direction of the business.

It might be that you do not yet know what your goals are. In that case, the proposal we be tailored to ensure we spend time trying to find out what they actually are.

We will work with you as much as you need. Typically we see clients once a month for 2-4 hour sessions, and where possible on a face to face basis as we believe so much more can be discovered this way.

However, some clients would like more regular interaction throughout the month - maybe you have a specific project over a short period of time, again we will adapt our sessions to fit your needs.

Sometimes it might be that clients want to have more in-depth sessions initially to get things moving, and then decrease the time to shorter periods. That is completely fine - we work with you.

As we all know, business plans can be beautifully written, presented or even sit in your head.

However, often things change and priorities overtake initial thoughts and plans so we will regularly spend time reviewing our programme and sessions to ensure it still fits with you and your business needs.

Our Team

We also collaborate with a small group of trusted,

expert associates who work with us to help you.

These include a company who specialise in creating and delivering expert training courses to global companies across huge numbers of teams; a high energy outdoors team building company who excel in running brilliant, interactive sessions, fun but with a huge sense of learning and purpose; leadership & management experts and mentoring companies.

Our mentoring programmes follow team building sessions to help individuals and managers embed the learning and understand the crucial “how to do it” back in the business.

Future plans are to expand into offering exciting, innovative ways to develop time management skills, in a different way.

Our associates are only chosen after very careful consideration - all of these companies and individuals have been hand picked and share the same values, ethics and integrity as Evolution 4 Business. For us, it isn’t just about skills, but character.

We also work with another associate training company to support delivery of their high level courses in leadership and management.


As every programme is bespoke, we will discuss these in detail with you once we have identified your exact needs.

Who do we work with ?